About Us

Our suppliers:

We work with the best suppliers and try to source our ingredients as much as we can locally and organically.
We guarantee you:
✓A daily and fresh food sourcing
✓Local organic suppliers for the vegetables
✓French, Australian and New-Zealand meat,
fish and eggs

Who we are?

Delicious and balanced daily meals delivered warm
in reusable glass jars. 
Healthy and sourced to be as local and
seasonal as possible.
Bain Marie is a new way to eat fresh ingredients.
Slowly cooked with love, our meals are preserved in jars
and heated using 
Bain Marie technique,
which maintains all flavors and nutrients.
Our goal: make the lunch the best moment of the day!
Recipes will range from the most traditional Italian pasta, to the fusion Asian food in order to surprise you everyday.


✓Served in reusable glass jars we collect back
✓No plastic
✓No food waste